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Testimonials from students

"I found the course enjoyable and the presentations covered more complicated topics in a simple and easy to understand way. The tasks were, very realistic and helped me understand how certain tasks, like tax work in the real world.”
“I thoroughly enjoyed the business course as I developed my overall business knowledge and understanding, while applying it to a business that I could connect with and felt passionate about."
"I definitely learnt lots of new skills that I am will confident will assist me in any career I choose to pursue.”
"I really enjoyed the course and learnt so much about life skills involving money and for future investment and buying a car and house. This is not covered at school and is important. Thank you for making it clear and interesting .”
“I enjoyed the course very much and I think I have learnt a lot about shares, funds and how to set up a good portfolio. I have found this course very useful and will be able to use the skills I have learnt here for the future.”
“I definitely enjoyed the investing course and found it very useful to help get my foot in the door of the investing and trading world.”
“I enjoyed the course and I found it helpful improving my knowledge learning practical life skills such as paying tax, using credit cards and jobs that I cannot learn from more theoretical school subjects.”

“I enjoyed the course and found out a lot about certain topics I usually would have been bored by or wouldn’t have cared to think about, however, are vital to learn for the future and even now."

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