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Testimonials from students

"Thank you so much for providing such a fantastic course and all the excellent
feedback following each task. You have really been extremely thorough and very complimentary. The course is of such high standard and I would highly recommend your course to anyone. (Parent)
"I loved learning about investing, and everything was super helpful. It has made me feel confident that when I become an adult, I can make a portfolio as soon as possible and have a good head start to investing. Also, it has made me consider pursuing a career in finance."
"I want to thank you for being so responsive and helpful throughout. I have been impressed by the content of the course and all that he has learned from doing it. It really is a good course for kids to do and would gladly recommend it to others." (Parent)
"I really enjoyed the course and learnt so much about life skills involving money and investing, and buying a car and house. This is not covered at school and is important. Thank you for making it clear and interesting .”
"I have found this course to be very informative, insightful, useful, but also fun and relevant. I have learnt a great range of things in the past 6 months, from how to save money in everyday life to how to create my own investment portfolio.!
"I found the business course very useful and interesting, and found all of the tasks to be not only engaging but very enjoyable. I found that the videos were very informative and accompanied the tasks very well which enabled me to learn the skills to the best of my ability."
"I found the money management course really interesting and fun. I feel like I’m way more developed when it comes to understand money and finance."
"I found the business course very useful, I have learnt how to set up a business in full and all and everything on how to possibly run and create a business if I want to. I think from this course I have a whole new look on everything about a business regardless of the product."
"I found the money management course enjoyable and the presentations covered more complicated topics in a simple and easy-to-understand way. The tasks were very realistic and helped me understand how they work in the real world.”
"I have very much enjoyed the investing course. Before starting I knew little to nothing about investing but now I feel a lot more educated on this interesting topic. Everything was broken down into easy-to-understand language and built up knowledge at a steady pace."
"I definitely learnt lots of new skills that I am will confident will assist me in any career I choose to pursue.”
"I enjoyed the investing course very much as I found it extremely engaging and interactive. This course offered a range of different work objectives such as working on a virtual portfolio. The videos were extremely informative and interesting."
“I enjoyed the course very much and I think I have learnt a lot about shares, funds and how to set up a good portfolio. I have found this course very useful and will be able to use the skills I have learnt here for the future.”
“I definitely enjoyed the investing course and found it very useful to help get my foot in the door of the investing and trading world.”
“I enjoyed the course and I found it helpful improving my knowledge learning practical life skills such as paying tax, using credit cards and jobs that I cannot learn from more theoretical school subjects.”

“I enjoyed the course and found out a lot about certain topics I usually would have been bored by or wouldn’t have cared to think about, however, are vital to learn for the future and even now."

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