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  • How is the course delivered?
    The courses are fully online. Once participants sign up, they have access to the course material in their account section of the website. Each week consists of a video to watch (around 10-20 minutes) followed by a task to complete to develop the skills on that topic. The task and video should take an hour in total to complete. The cookery tasks have a recipe card to follow, with participants completing a short feedback form after they’ve cooked the recipe. Individual feedback will be provided after each task.
  • How long will each week take?
    Each week of the course should take an hour to complete, including watching the video and completing the task, or cooking the recipe.
  • Do I have to commit to an hour every week?
    No. The course is designed to be completely flexible to fit around other commitments. You can complete one task per week, or take a break, and complete a few tasks in one go.
  • Can you 'fail' the course?
    The courses are designed to be a two-way process. By signing up to the course, participants commit to spending an hour watching each video (for finance and life skills courses) and completing the related task. This ensures that participants meet the D of E requirements. However, the tasks are not treated as homework and marked 'right' or 'wrong'. Participants should show that they've engaged with the task but aren't expected to get everything 'correct' or necessarily complete every task in the allotted time. Individual feedback is given on every task but this aims to be positive and encouraging in terms of reviewing the task!
  • What happens at the end of the course?
    I will complete an individual assessor’s report and sign off the skills section of your D of E course as complete. You will also receive a certificate of achievement.
  • What ages are the courses aimed at?
    The courses are aimed at any young people taking D of E, from 13 upwards. Most of our participants are between 13-18. The videos cover the content in a simple, step-by-step way, but if participants have any questions, they can contact me by email.
  • Will participants have to ‘sign up’ for anything as part of the tasks?
    In short, no. Our tasks are designed to be practical and based on real-life research but are theoretical and do not require any money to be spent or commitments signed up to. For example, money management participants will carry out research on bank accounts and mobile phone contracts but will not sign up to anything. For the investing course, participants create a virtual portfolio (using a website we will provide the details of) but will not make any real trades or invest their money.
  • Can you customise a course?
    Yes. We can put together any combination of courses shown on this website.
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