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Do you feel that you could be more effective in your everyday life? We’ll teach you a range of life skills, from managing your time effectively and negotiating the best deals to learning to cook nutritious meals.


All of the courses are online, can be started at any time and are self-paced so you can fit them around existing commitments. The course material is delivered via your online account on our website. Each week consists of a video to watch , followed by a task, which take an hour to complete (in total) or a recipe card to follow.

Our courses are tailored to young people, with lots of practical tips and step-by-step real-life challenges. All of the three, six and twelve months life skills courses are approved for the skills section of the bronze, silver and gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

As soon as you've finished the course, we'll complete the assessment in your eDofE account. Any combination of courses can be offered so please contact us if you would like a different combination than those shown.

3 Month Courses

The courses we offer:

6 Month Courses

Everyday Life Skills  

(6 Months)

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12 Month Courses

Money Management + How To Invest In Shares + Setting Up A Business + Life Skills

(12 Months)

Money Management + How To Invest In Shares + Life Skills 

(12 Months)

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