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Money Management + How To Set Up A Business



Course Content

The first part of the six-month course covers all the skills that young people need to take control of their personal finances: • You’ll learn about how to choose the best bank accounts and the basics of budgeting, include a savings challenge. • We’ll teach you what to look out for when buying online and how to be a savvy shopper that pays the best price. • We’ll suggest ways you can earn some extra money from a side hustle, and how to find the best value mobile phone contract. • You’ll learn everything you need to know about owning a car and getting your first job. • The final part of the course will provide an overview of investing in the stock markets. The second part of the six-course covers the basic skills you need to set up your own business: • You’ll learn about how to create and research your business idea. • We’ll teach you what you need to know about creating a business plan, together with the basic accounting skills you need to get to grips with the financial side of running your own business. • You’ll learn how to create a brand identity, including how to choose a brand name, select a domain and create an eye-catching logo. • We’ll teach you how to build a website, including how to choose your hosting platform. • You’ll learn how search engine optimisation skills, including how to rank on Google searches and how to be effective in advertising and marketing your business online.

Weekly Tasks

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