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Money Management, Investing, Business + Life Skill



Course Content

Do you wish you had more money but don’t know where to start? Or how to make money from investing or be more effective in everyday life? How does the course work? The course is online, can be started at any time and is self-paced to fit around existing commitments. Each week consists of a video to watch, followed by a practical (but theoretical!) task. What will the course cover? The first part of the course focuses on money management. You’ll learn how to: • Choose the best bank accounts and the basics of budgeting. • Be a savvy shopper. • Earn some extra money from a side hustle. • Own a car and buy a property. The second part of the course focuses on how to invest in shares. You’ll learn: • The basics of owning shares and how to make a profit. • How to create a balanced portfolio. • How to research different sectors and analyse which shares to buy. • At this point you’ll start an investment challenge by picking shares and funds and setting up a virtual portfolio. The third part of the course covers basic business skills. You’ll learn how to: • Create and research your business idea. • Create a business plan and basic finance skills • Create a brand identity. • Advertise and market your business. • Build a website and search engine optimisation skills. The last part of the course focuses on everyday life skills. You’ll learn how to: • Manage your time more effectively. • Become a crack negotiator. • Write a great CV. • Cook a range of recipes

Weekly Tasks

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