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Money Management Skills



Course Content

Do you wish you had more money but don’t know where to start? Do you want to be a more savvy shopper, learn how to buy a house or car and earn some extra money from a side hustle? Our online, self-paced course will teach you essential money management skills to set you up for life from a personal finance and investment expert. How does the course work? The course is online, can be started at any time and is self-paced so you can fit it around existing commitments. The course material is delivered via your online account on our website. Each week consists of a video to watch, followed by a practical (but theoretical!) task. Together, the video and task should take an hour to complete. We are a licensed Skills Section Approved Activity Provider (AAP) for The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Once you’ve completed the course, we will complete your personalised assessor’s report, and sign off your skills section as completed. What does the course cover? You’ll learn a range of money management skills, including how to: • Be a savvy shopper that gets the best price. • Earn some extra money from a side hustle. • Choose the best bank accounts and credit cards and the basics of budgeting and setting financial goals. • Buy a property, own a car and what you need to know about your first job. • Save money on everyday costs, including finding the best value mobile phone contract. • Invest in the stock market and an ISA.

Weekly Tasks

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