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Everyday Life Skills (3 Months)



Course Content

Do you feel you could be more effective in your everyday life? Perhaps you’d like to learn how to write a CV, start a side hustle and save money? Our online, self-paced course will teach you a range of life skills. How does the course work? The course is online, can be started at any time and is self-paced so you can fit it around existing commitments. The course material is delivered via your online account on our website. Each week consists of a video to watch, followed by a practical (but theoretical!) task to help you develop your everyday life skills. Together, the video and task should take an hour to complete. Our courses are tailored to young people, with lots of practical tips and step-by-step real-life challenges. We offer the option of three, six and twelve month courses, also covering money management, business and investing skills. What will the course cover? Our three-month course on “everyday life skills” covers a wide range of everyday life skills: • We’ll teach you how to be a savvy shopper and how to save money on everyday costs. • We’ll suggest ways you can earn some extra money from a side hustle. • You’ll learn everything you need to know about owning a car and buying a home. • You’ll learn how to manage your time more effectively. • We’ll teach you how to be a crack negotiator and confident communicator. • You’ll learn how to write a CV to help set you up for your future career. • We’ll teach you tips and tricks to booking a great holiday.

Weekly Tasks

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